Winning Big Pots at the Online Poker Sites


Winning big pots playing poker online is easy if you know where and how to bet. If you are just waiting for the best starting hands to make your move, you are going to be in a long road. The only way that you can successfully start taking chips from your opponents is by making the right moves when the table dictates. Here are a few plays that you could make today that will show a huge improvement in your chip stack.

Starting With the Blinds

You might not think that taking the blinds is small change, but if you are just sitting back passively then you are letting others build their stacks at your expense. The weakest players don't care about their blinds, in fact, they fold their blinds time and time again when a player raises and fight another day. If you want to start getting into the habit of bluffing and building your stack at the same time, you have to start bluffing the blinds. Wait until you spot weak players, wait until they check the blinds, put in a raise and the chips are all yours. You could be scooping a ton of chips each hour with the worst hands.

Moving on the Bigger Pots

By now you should have a good idea who the weakest players are at your table. Now it is time to go after the bigger pots. Start by looking for opportunities where you can hang around in a pot until the ace hits the board. Most weak players who have been betting their hands will slam on the brakes and check the action. Here is where you represent the big ace and bet. They will fold around after the bet and play the next hand thinking you got them again.

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